Absolute peace

Absolute peace is the opposite of… relative restlessness.

In most places today, we see visions of relative restlessness, with some creatures more restless than others. OM is the sound of absolute peace, which is what we all crave after having lived in restlessness for too long.

Absolute peace does not mean complacency or laziness, it means a quietness of mind which allows you to act more effectively in the world. If you have resposibilities like caring for others or managing a project, attempting them through an attitude of peace will bring greater rewards than attempting them through stress, pressure and restlessness.

There are many practices that help to instil absolute peace, but by far the most effective is meditation and self-hypnosis. This involves techniques for controlling thoughts and making us the masters of our own thought processes. One simple meditative technique is observation without judgement. Observe the breath, sounds, sights and watch thoughts come and go.

OM means that which is absolute (‘I am’) and SO HAM means destroying relative awareness (realising that  ‘I am that’). We have all come from the same substance that created the universe and will all change through various forms through our evolution in this cyclical universe. Understanding the interconnected oneness of all things creates an awareness of abolute peace with everything and everyone else. It allows compassion.