What is Enlightenment?

Being and not being all at once.

Discerning without judgement.

Relishing the luxury within simplicity.

Not needing another’s gaze to behold one’s Self.

Being at one with every other, but apart from everyone.

Dying in each moment before being reborn.

Being enriched by solitude, but finding solitude within company.

Observing the action, playing the part, but watching one’s self as you play.

Embracing afflictions as a test of endurance.

Being compassionately detached.

The difference between knowing and being

Why is it that some people are great at giving advice but hopeless at following their own advice? Why is it that Wayne Rooney knows how to play football, but probably wouldn’t be able to teach someone else his techniques? Why are there so few people who can practise knowledge and preach that knowledge simultaneously?

It’s because of the difference between knowing and being.

Theoretically, you can know what you have to do but some weakness in you prevents you from acting. Some people act effortlessly but unconsciously. Others are very aware and conscious but some weakness in themselves prevents them from acting.

The secret to success is in striking a balance between knowing and being. Know what you are, what you have, what you aim for – then have the will power to be exactly that…