Mysteries of perspective

Very often as I am walking down the road or doing something quite ordinary, I notice that the sky is streaked with red light, or there is complete silence all around. Perspective changes within seconds from the micro to the macro, and I feel like a small (but still relevant) part of a huge design.

We are aware of so much more than we know, and a small shift in perspective can lead to big shifts in our lives and even in our universes. We know that we only use a very small part of our minds at any given moment, and that subconsciously we are aware of much much more. If you close your eyes whilst in a moving vehicle, you may find that you can visualise the road ahead before it even appears. We have awareness beyond our awareness! But habitual activities take so much of our power away from all that is going on, and we get so influenced by what everyone else does that we forget to tune into our own minds.

Recently I have met some truly inspiring friends and colleagues who remind me of my own magic. I realise that the world of conventional, habitual things drains me because it’s all been done before, so many times. I do enjoy the day to day, but only if I am able to balance it by having time to reflect, think about the hows and whys in the corridors of my own mind. And another thing that’s become so clear is that the corridors of our mind are linked together.