This life divine

Everyone has their own reason for coming onto this earth, but humankind is collectively facing a need and desire for self-awareness right now, as oppositions of experience (pain/pleasure, wealth/poverty, love/hate) are becoming more intense – and not just in society in general, but also within the day-to-day reality of individuals. Everything is intensifying, and some are boldly facing the chaos while others are running off to the mountains to find some peace (and finding that the chaos is still there in their minds, inviting the same kind of situations in the remotest of places). This is the classic ‘fight or flight’ reaction of the prehistoric human, and it is based around the belief in FEAR. There is A LOT of fear in the world today. The fight or flight response was useful when we needed to run or contend with threatening animals, but to the modern human, this response is useless and harmful. The fear we are dealing with different from that of our ancestors – ours is a fear of the unknown.

This fear is a necessary part of the journey that brings a person into contact with his or her divine purpose. The fear makes us question: what are we afraid of? Through a series of questions, contemplation and insights, we are able to make certain changes that can lead us to experience the MOST FULFILLING LIFE IMAGINABLE.

We are truly involved in the way our karma plays out. Actions have consequences, but there is a place for grace and revelation in all this. We are deeply responsible for every layer of our experience, and we can change everything in our lives if we want to. It IS possible to lead a life of total love, beauty and joy, but it requires a great deal of self-awareness, patience, will-power and love.