Stream of thought 2

Its name is written in the grains of sand. Its name is written in each drop of the ocean. It is the essence of all that is living, yet the living do not recognize it. But there will come a time when, suddenly and completely, the living will gain knowledge of it. In that moment both destruction and self-sublimation will occur at once. Pain and pleasure will press together until they both disappear. In that moment there will be Everything and Nothing. That moment will be the coming of the Absolute and the ending of this drama.

In the gaps between thought, when there is no thought, that is when you know IT.

It does not care about what we do and how we do it. We have created all this for ourselves and we bear our own karma. But, if we choose, we can express it within our creations. We can make our lives a dedication to spirit. Then spirit will grace our lives. It is unconditional peace. Undisturbed energy.

Sometimes it is very easy to become disillusioned and fed up with this world. We can see that there is so much ignorance around us. People do things without considering the consequences of their actions, without understanding the interdependent web of life. But from the most ignorant to the most enlightened, all life has spiraled out from the same
energy and all must return to It.

Stream of thought 1

I am not here to tell you that everything will always be all right. I’m here to tell you that you will always be all right because you are capable of dealing with everything that you bring into your experience.

The whole world is moving to its rhythms of death and revival. It never ends. There are fearless people around you; they are unafraid because they are not thinking. And you are afraid because you are thinking. Can you master such knowledge that is beyond thought? Where you know through deep conviction what your true nature is?

In your world people use the word ‘soul’. The body is a handicap on the soul. The soul has no limitations, no restrictions. It can move like air, see everything, be anywhere. You have come on this earth and given yourself the handicap of the body. You have restricted yourself because you want to experience limitation. You want to experience individuality, differentiation, relativity, comparative identity. Call it whatever you like, you want to create certain things and experience relationships and dramas. But soon you will want to come back to yourself. You will want to become unlimited once again.