For some reason, a lot of people dislike themselves. I think this comes from a culture of striving for perfection, trying to be the best, and ultimately realising that perfection is an unattainable ideal. People who are really happy and peaceful tend to accept imperfection and forgive themselves for past mistakes as they realise that it was vital to their growth and to making them stronger. The following list is from a book a friend of mine read and I think it is very useful for anyone struggling with self-acceptance…

1. self understanding – being as honest as possible with ourselves to understand why we think and act as we do and develop insight into our life situation.

2. self acceptance – accepting ourselves as we are.

3. self forgiveness – give up criticism of the self and forgive, no matter what.

4. self love – being our own best friend.

5. unconditional self love – a state where there is NO self judgement and NO self criticism.

6. awareness of our own divinity – realising we are an expression of God.

7. realising the magnitude of the great power (God) – this awareness grows as our consciousness expands.

8. realising we are beings of ‘light’ – no judgement of self or others.

9. realising the insignificance and unreality of the hypnotic suffering dimension – the suffering dimension is not real but a hypnotic state created by human thought and belief (i.e. we believe we are sinful, from beliefs of this or past lives and thus we must suffer to atone for our sins…. on a surface level we may not believe this, but dig deep…. is there something deeper that, motivated out of guilt, believes you need to suffer?)

10. realising everything is God – non duality. negative situations are not power but only the result of self judgemental beliefs and attitudes (past lives and this life).