Sacred ॐ

The sacred sound, aum, om or ॐ in Sanskrit, is not a religious sound. Although it is used in Hindu worship, it does not subscribe to any particular doctrine. It represents the activity of creation, the motion of life. Scientists have found that the rate at which objects are moving in the universe is at a frequency which matches the frequency of the sound vibrations in ‘aum’. The word means, ‘I am the absolute’. The absolute is everything and nothing. It is opposite of all that is relative, temporary and changeable.

Repeating this sound slowly helps to still the mind before and after a yoga routine. To enunciate the sound correctly, take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, from the stomach start saying ‘a’. Feel the air rising up from the lower lung area, and as it reaches the chest, say ‘oh’. When the breath is passing out from the throat, say ‘mmmm’.

Another beautiful yet simple chant in ‘ so hum’. This means ‘I am as that’. This chant reminds us that we are all from the same substance, and seeming differences are all ‘maya’. Maya means illusion, drama, temporary pretence and karmic roles. Beyond all of this is the absolute ‘I’, which will one day unite with the Source of all creation.