Thoughts on the new year

I’ve been thinking about a new way to view life as 2011 comes to life. Life is about constant growth and learning. Without an expansion of thought, there can be no real progress – even on a very personal, individual level. It’s not just about reaching certain goals, but understanding what my core values are. Because goals are only achievable if they fit into the framework of our values.

I have realised over the past few years that the power of collective thought is not just a ‘concept’, but a living truth. People think it’s silly to talk about ideas without objective, scientific examples. There are plenty of examples for lots of things, but personal experience is the greatest revealer. Most things taking place on a physical level are the results of thoughts. When the thoughts are aligned to a higher plane of consciousness, they lead to actions of growth. Growth does not mean easy experiences; the greatest growth occurs through difficult experiences.

So, I’ve made a list of the things that give me greatest fulfilment:
1. Creativity
2. Inspiring human interactions
3. Letting go of old experiences

And then thought of activities I could do to practise more of these things. There are no set resolutions, and no guarantee that everything that happens will be ‘easy’, but my intention is to move towards the things that matter most.

One thought on “Thoughts on the new year

  1. Hi,
    Thanks to you for writing such a food for thought lines for new years.
    I wonder how you can scale the heights of feeling’s precipice by a simple thought like this.

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