Open to miracles!

Miracles are happening ALL THE TIME, but how often are we aware of these wonders? We unknowingly plunge into mundane, auto-pilot behaviour so many times, hence missing out on many synchronicities and magical encounters. Just being absorbed in thoughts of the past or the future robs us of our ability to see the miracles of life. Simple everyday existence is miraculous. The rainfall, sunlight, ability to connect, communicate, share, be solitary, read, walk, breathe, comprehend, laugh – it’s all miraculous…When we enjoy these things wholly, surrendering to the present moment, it opens the door for other chance encounters, for greater miracles.

To be open to miracles, we have to live in the present moment. We are here right now, and nothing else exists right now except this. Attitude is important. We have to see ourselves as worthy of the Universe’s love. When you think of limitations in your life, instead of feeling dejected, take heart in the fact that others out there have succeeded with those very limitations. Perspective can transform limitation into opportunity. There are opportunities for miracles just waiting to happen…

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