The ideal lover

Most people search for an ideal lover, some people feel they have found perfect love, and others realise, after falling in love, that their partners are not as ‘perfect’ as they thought they were. Perfection means someone who meets your ideals on every level and never lets you down. It’s a very high standard for any human being to live up to.

As much as we may connect with our soul-mates, sooner or later we will see that they cannot meet our expectations all the time. As love deepens, we learn to accept our partners’ essential humanity – that which makes them imperfect. Yes, we are all imperfect, otherwise we would not be here on Earth. We all have things to work on, in varying degrees.

So, why do we even search for an ideal love if it does not exist? The truth is that it does exist! Perfect, complete, unconditional love, which gives us exactly what we NEED on the soul level, exists. It is the love of God. Only God can give you this kind of selfless love, because the body and personality of man is built around a false sense of ego (especially in the current age of earthly development). The ego makes us selfish, and it is very difficult to separate from it because we are trapped in various roles.

But humanity strives to imitate God because it is God trying to realise himself in every way possible. So, from separation (ignorance of our true nature), we will travel back to union (reconnecting with our essence). There will be a time of renewal on Earth, and we will again become capable of loving each other the way God loves us.

In the meantime, the greatest thing we can do is TRY to love each other the way God loves us. But this is only possible if we feel and know the love of God. Making contact with the divine spirit is the first step along this long path of ‘homecoming’, coming back to our true spiritual identities. For me, it took a long time to feel the presence of God. But once I felt it, it was like the most powerful, beautiful energy; I could not deny it.

You may have felt a breathtaking energy when you enter a quiet place of worship, or see a sight of natural beauty. These are God’s expressions. To feel it everyday, we need to listen for it. We need to open our hearts in prayer (just talking to God with the faith that someone is listening); we need to meditate to hear God’s voice in the silence of our minds. Once the contact is made, a dialogue begins – the most enriching, loving dialogue you could engage in.

The divine force is already trying to communicate with you in so many ways…

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