Treat your life like a lover…

Embrace it, approve of it, adore it, accept it.  Find inspiration in your life, the way you find inspiration in the eyes of your beloved. Treat it with reverence and respect it.

Don’t throw it away, don’t abuse it, don’t waste it or neglect it.

Dedicate yourself to it. And when you have begun to truly love your life, then offer it as a service to the world so that everyone else can be as happy as you are.

We are all responsible for the way our world is today. One-off gestures don’t make a difference; we have to change our attitudes. The transformation must begin at the individual level, and filter out like a ripple across a lake. Serve the world with love and knowledge; it’s our responsibility to uplift ourselves and our world.

2 thoughts on “Treat your life like a lover…

  1. i LOVE this entry. so beautiful. i read it three times, everything you said is so so true. i think sometimes it’s easy for me to just overlook my life and the things and people in it and instead i should treat it like a lover because it really is a gift. thanks for this <33 i needed it

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