Sex and spiritual union

Sex may be a biological function, but it also creates a feeling of union, of merging. The energies of two individuated beings come together – there is a momentary feeling of bliss in this union. The biological sex drive is probably more psychological than anything else – how much does a person crave the kind of intimacy which lets them feel at one with another person? Some people are very balanced and don’t need it much. Others are repressed and need it so much that their desires become perverted with desperation.

Sex is supposed to be a doorway into the spiritual, but in our world it is rarely more than the urge to satisfy a need. We have created a sexually repressed society. John Milton described Adam and Eve having plenty of sex in Eden, before the Fall. There was no guilt or shame, just spiritual union through the physical body. After the Fall, they became so conscious of each other’s bodies that they lost sight of the soul. They still wanted that intimacy but they didn’t know how to reach it. They tried various things, but nothing worked because the vision had been lost.I don’t believe in any particular religious doctrine, but I do think that we are living in a time where our vision has been lost. This is affecting every area of our lives, including relationships and sex. At some point, I hope, we will awaken to our true selves.

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