Stream of thought 1

I am not here to tell you that everything will always be all right. I’m here to tell you that you will always be all right because you are capable of dealing with everything that you bring into your experience.

The whole world is moving to its rhythms of death and revival. It never ends. There are fearless people around you; they are unafraid because they are not thinking. And you are afraid because you are thinking. Can you master such knowledge that is beyond thought? Where you know through deep conviction what your true nature is?

In your world people use the word ‘soul’. The body is a handicap on the soul. The soul has no limitations, no restrictions. It can move like air, see everything, be anywhere. You have come on this earth and given yourself the handicap of the body. You have restricted yourself because you want to experience limitation. You want to experience individuality, differentiation, relativity, comparative identity. Call it whatever you like, you want to create certain things and experience relationships and dramas. But soon you will want to come back to yourself. You will want to become unlimited once again.

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