Many of us make resolutions for the new year, to become the embodiment of our true ideals and values, and also to give ourselves another chance, a ‘clean slate’, to recreate ourselves. Often resolutions start failing towards the end of January, and the frustrations that existed before remain firmly present in our lives. I think it’s good to have resolutions and goals, but only if you still accept yourself as much right now as you would do with all the new transformations you have planned. This means that your value as a person is not tied up to achieving something in the future. You just want to create new things and have new experiences, but you still approve of the person you already are.

Also, I think sometimes resolutions fail because what people think they want is not actually what they truly want on a subconscious level. Thought has power and it instigates changes in the physical world. But if someone is doubtful about what they want then this power for thought to manifest itself is greatly weakened. Some people say they want to become famous or rich, but deep down are afraid of those things and don’t really think they could handle those realities. Therefore one thought begins contradicting another thought and stops anything from happening.

So I have made some resolutions this year, but they’re long-term goals which will require time and patience. They’re spiritual goals rather than changeable circumstantial goals. I am going to enjoy working towards them, and the process will be just as important as the end result.

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