Reason for living

Last night, as I was contemplating this question, various thoughts started flooding into my mind, and I began writing them all down. When I finished, I thought, ‘For the very first time, I feel I really understand the meaning of life’. It was a profound moment. So, here’s what I felt…

All of creation comes from one Source, and that is what we call God. So, everything comes from Source and everything is conscious energy of different degrees. We separate into units of consciousness and engage in a play of forms. It seems to us that some forms are superior to others, but actually we’re all equal. We just have different journeys. All our actions get balanced through karma and we reach the same level at the end, just before we go back to the Source. Everything comes out and goes back into the Source, so perhaps this ties into the idea of the Big Bang and the Big Crunch. But the the process repeats. Again and again.

But why? Well, just so that the Source, God, absolute and unified energy can realise itself. It realises itself by creating forms which are NOT IT. It realises itself THROUGH CONTRAST. Everything gets its identity from opposition. God is the opposite of indiviuated, differentiated energy. When each particle of consciousness begins to idenitfy with the whole, that is when God is realised. So, the closest experience to knowing God on this earth is to know unity. Unity means that we don’t prefer one thing to another, like black over white, rest over play. We like harmony and mergence between the two polarities. Because the merging of two oppositions gives way to the experience of God. An example of this: When you eat something, the most delicious foods have a mixture of different flavours. There is a blend and a harmony. That blend is what makes life beautiful and enjoyable. We think intense pleasure is good and pain is bad, but actually, intense pleasure is very quickly followed by pain, because opposites have to balance each other. That is why, to lead a peaceful and happy life, we need to choose balanced experiences, not extremes.

It doesn’t really matter in the end, but after many extreme experiences, people often want to rest. What we enjoy begins to change as we grow older and learn more about the nature of life. Life is just to create and realise God. Karma is a balancing force which means every action can and will be repaid with suitable consequences. But we are conscious, and we have choice. So, if we choose, we can consciously create a fulfilling life. We can keep the big picture in mind and choose a life that will give ourselves as well as others the most enjoyable experiences possible. To an extent, we have to make mistakes. We have to live and learn in order to realise our true selves. But in the present moment, there is often a moment of choice.

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