Reading The Goldilocks Enigma

‘Somehow the universe has engineered, not only its own awareness, but its own comprehension.’ – Paul Davies.

From page one, The Goldilocks Enigma by Professor Paul Davies had me absorbed.

It deals with the inexplicable fact that everything in the Universe seems to be operating according to numeric codes. Although these patterns are not obvious in our everyday awareness, if we look further into the physical, chemical and biological structures of life, we see that there is a code to the way things are working. There is a very detailed ‘design’ to the way things are working in order for conscious species such as ourselves to come into existence and to thrive. Davies suggests that human consciousness is vital in this whole process, because it is as if the Universe wants us not only to have an awareness of ourselves, but also to have ‘comprehension’ of how things work and how we came to be.

This book is an exploration of some of the deepest questions we ever ask ourselves: Who am I? Why am I here? How did I get here? But it is not a philosophical meandering of various different beliefs and possibilities; it is a scientific explanation of what we know for a fact so far, related through the laws of physics. Davies’ way of articulating so much information with such simplicity allows the lay person to enjoy this book as much as any physicist or mathematician.

A brief review on this blog can’t possibly do justice to the amount of information and intrigue contained in this book, so I strongly recommend you to read The Goldilocks Enigma yourself if you are at all interested in some of humanity’s most fundamental questions.

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