Mind over matter

The mind is the most powerful attribute of living creatures: it shapes our choices and therefore our experiences. But how many people are actually aware of how their minds work, or even understand what it really is? Knowing these two vital things can empower, liberate and drastically improve our entire experience of life.

1. What is the Mind?

The ‘mind’ has become a somewhat vague idea, because we use it to mean so many different things. The word ‘mind’ has been used like this because it is an ‘interior’ aspect: it cannot be easily acknowledged with any of our five physical senses, and therefore seems to be something quite mysterious and vague. In fact, the mind can be quite easy to understand. The way I understand it, it is simply another word for consciousness. How we use our minds can be understood as how we use our consciousness. The main activity of the mind is THOUGHT. And thought is something we should all think about… This is because thought is the single most versatile tool that we have, and the better we understand how to apply it, the better off we will be in every possible way.

We unknowingly exercise our thoughts to create feelings and experiences in our everyday lives. Before we do anything, we first have the thought of doing. Everything we have presently attained in our lives is through the initial power of thought. And that includes things we’re not too happy with as well. But once you become aware of how thoughts impact on reality, you can create anything you ever thought possible.

2. How does the mind work?

The mind works to create your reality by turning your thoughts into real, tangible experiences. This happens all the time, so if you don’t like your reality, you have to change your thought patterns.Think with conviction and true acceptance about having anything, and it will be yours. There are various ways in which you can make this easier:

a) write it down

Writing down your goals makes a direct link between the thought and the perceived physical reality. Use the present tense and impregnate the tone with emotive language.

b) see it and feel it

Visualise your goal being achieved to make the thought more powerful. Feel the sense of having.

c) repeat the thought frequently to make it manifest quicker

There is a scientific principle governing this whole process: energy converts into matter, and by thinking about something frequently, you are fuelling the thought with energy.

Creative consciousness is most powerful and INSTANT on the astral plane. This happens when a person’s spirit temporarily leaves the physical body and they experience being on the plane of the mind alone. Here, whatever one thinks manifests almost instantly (if one’s karma allows). On the physical plane, it takes more effort and persistent belief to make things happen.

There is nothing wrong with creating good things in our lives, as long as we do it as a service to humanity and share our prosperity. However, be sure your wants are beneficial for everyone and that they are not coming from greed or selfishness, because these feelings can invite negative karma.

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