Messages from the masters

Dr. Brian Weiss became a best-selling author after the publication of his book, Many Lives, Many Masters. I read this book in my first year at university, after a friend recommended it to me, but I didn’t think much about it after that until recently.

I remember being impressed by this medical practitioner’s journey into spirituality, after he happened to regress one of his psychiatric patients into a former lifetime. Weiss mentioned that he had been very sceptical about anything ‘unscientific’ until his patient began to channel messages from ‘Masters’ of the spirit world. The patient, Catherine, related a message telling Weiss that his first son, who had died shortly after birth, was on the other side with the Masters. The patient could not have known about the death of the doctor’s first child, and the accuracy of the information coming to Weiss confirmed his faith in the existence of the Masters, the after-life and the messages his patient brought to him.

After the publication of his first book, Weiss has written much more about his understanding of past lives and the nature of existence as related by the Masters. I recently read his compilation of the Masters’ most important messages, entitled Messages from the Masters. In this book, the most important motif is that we, as living creatures, are here to learn and progress into higher levels of consciousness. The value of an experience does not lie in how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it felt, but in how much it made us learn and realise our own true identity. The barrier to this true awareness is the illusion created by our everyday roles and dramas. The truth extends far beyond.

Another recurring theme is that we never die. Death is a gateway into another realm. Some souls come back to Earth and play out different roles, and others progress in the spiritual dimension. The more learned souls help those who are less aware. Along with these two points, Weiss emphasises the need for compassion and love. He says that if we continue an attitude of ‘us and them’, we will eventually destroy ourselves as a species.

I liked the simplicity of this book. It says everything we already know deep down, but it’s nice to be reminded that life is short and valuable, that karma is a reality, that we each have a responsibility to learn and progress, and that no one really dies.

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