Love is the meaning

Love is the strongest unifying force of the Universe, and yet it is so difficult to explain what love is. When someone is unknown to us, we cannot identify with their pain. Once we get to know and love someone, their pleasure and plain feel like our own. The most loving people on earth have this capacity to love unconditionally, universally, without knowing or judging. Such pure love is known as compassion. We all know about the most compassionate souls in history: Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Mother Teresa…

With the power of compassion comes the power of detachment. To love selflessly one must let go. We care for the other person without needing anything in return. Such love is rare. Still, I believe that the capacity exists within all of us, because we are all essentially equal. We come from the same consciousness, although we have different journeys to make.

In a state of deep yogic meditation, the love which the universe has for us can be felt so clearly. Yet, when we lose yogic contact, the world feels so uncaring and selfish. The world reflects back to us whatever we feel and think inside, that is why for a yogi, there is peace in the midst of chaos and love in the face of animosity.

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