Life’s ointment

We are our own worst enemies or best friends. I think that what defines us as good or bad is ultimately a matter of knowledge and choice – a combination of both things. Knowledge comes from repeated experiences which reveal some fundamental truths. For instance, I have a tendency to analyse which has been with me since I was a teenager. This means I make a lot of judgements, which are not always correct. Over time, I have seen that when I judge others, the judgement comes back onto me. ‘We see others not as they are, but as we are’. So, I have acquired the knowledge that judging is not such a good habit. I know it theoretically, but whether I practise it is a choice that depends on my strength and conviction as a person.

No one has a perfect life, and everyone needs some healing. Words are my ointment that I use to make sense of what I already know. I could recount endlessly the traumas and joys of my own life, of the mistakes I have made and the right choices. But it’s just a soup of meaningless experience if I can’t learn something from it. So the traumas have taught me to forgive others, and the mistakes have taught me to forgive myself. All of life teaches me nothing is perfect, but that there is always hope of something beautiful amidst the chaos.

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