In each of our lives, there is a mixture of fortune and misfortune, positive experiences and negative ones. I don’t think we can always control how things are going to turn out, even if we try our ‘best’ to make things right. There’s an element of destiny in this, mixed in with our own will to shape our lives.

But what we can always control is the way in which we handle situations. One very poignant example of this is a woman I recently met in India, called Kamal Sinha. Mrs. Sinha is around 60 years old now, but if you look at her you’d think she were 45. She has a youthful radiance and is in very good health. But she has been through her fair share of pain. Her son died in an accident a few years ago. Soon after that, her husband also passed away. She was left on her own, but instead of letting the grief overtake her mind and spirit, she used it to strengthen her convictions in life. She took over her husband’s business and became a leader. She began practising yoga and meditation. All of this she was able to do at a mature age.

She is an inspiration to many people, and she helps to fund and support local charities in India. Her life reflects the strength of the human soul.

Happiness is a choice we make on a day to day basis. Is the glass half empty or half full? How many things can we find to feel good about? In many ways, it’s all about GRATITUDE. Mrs. Sinha, despite her losses, was grateful for the love she had experienced in her life. There is a wonderful grace and humble way about a person who has gratitude. And the Universe is happy to serve those who are grateful, because like begets like. Whatever we want for ourselves, we need to give that away to others in order for it to flow back to us. This happens from a space of gratitude, when we know we will always have enough.

For more on this, check out psychologist Robert Holden’s site by clicking here.

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