Experience, not theory

The body, mind and heart (actions, words, thoughts, feelings) are all expressions of our souls. The soul is consciousness in different forms, playing a part on the world stage.

That is the purpose of life: creativity, self-expression and the completion of the karma we invite. Karma is simply the balancing force which is described in the Bible by the phrase, ‘whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap’. Karma can take us one lifetime to complete, or many rebirths…

Aside from this, I have no other metaphysical explanations, only theories which cannot be proved. Theories often help understanding, but there has to be a limit to them. There is no point in delving into what Gautam Siddhartha (the Buddha) described as the dangerous ‘jungle of opinion’ about creation. This simply takes us away from the direct experience of a wonder which cannot be rationalised. What we know are the things we can see and feel: birth, death, pain, pleasure. They are all transitory experiences created and experienced by souls. Beyond all of these experiences is true samadhi – silent and blissful merging with the all-knowing universal consciousness.

So live life with what the Buddha called ‘wakefulness’ – knowing that everything will pass and it is a creative exercise to be embraced. Give what you would wish to receive.

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